RC jet or personal aircraft?

RC jet or personal aircraft?

Which do you think it is? Believe it or not, this is an ARF jet! Just announced at JetPower by U.S. distributor Elite Aerosports, no word yet on how big a turbine the Rebel Pro requires or its price. Would you want to fly a jet this big? We think it probably burns a lot of A-1 but watching the faces in the crowd as it flies by on a low-altitude pass would be worth it!



Updated: September 19, 2014 — 9:58 AM


  1. $4000 just for the ARF!

  2. At what point is too big, too big? Is there, or maybe the question is, be a limit? Great looking jet, by the way.

  3. If the pilot is watching the faces of the crowd the thing won’t be in the air long, and that might be a good thing as long as it doesn’t kill anyone when it crashes. One less dangerously large and fast display of wealth and poor judgement to worry about.

  4. TOO COOL! Main requirement- bulk of pocketbook.

  5. Yeah, it’s cool alright, but we’re at odds with the FAA because of ?? come on… this is a hobby and like most hobbies, there comes a time when the line from hobby to professional is crossed. Help me understand how a ‘model airplane’ of this size and it’s operator shouldn’t be regulated/licensed in some way to give the public some assurance of competency, safety and above all, out of the hands of some lunatic bent on destruction.

  6. A bigger danger for spectators…Next they’ll be flying full scale models with Radio Controls at the model meets…

  7. If this trend persists the FAA is going to want to license pilots of such large and fast airplanes!

  8. Sounds like there are many who are not interested in aircraft this size and I don’t blame them. I’ve said this before, “Why?”. I would like to think that those in the hobby should be perfecting the scale looks and flight realism of models in the 1/4 to 1/3 size. Bigger only makes less competent pilots fly better due to the stabilizing effect of the shear size of the aircraft. The smaller scaled and detailed aircraft look much better.

  9. Awesome Jet, my Piroti, Mauro Piroti, a great friend of mine in Italy

  10. Hey, as for all those complaining about the “size”, it sounds a lot like another size complaint(aka jealousy, or envy, take your pick) to me. But I’ve got to wonder, why would a body, spend this much time, and money, when for, maybe, 25% more money and maybe 1/2 that much more time, you could have had a genuine, man carrying airplane. My hats off to the engineer of this marvel because if it will stay together at the speed these things fly and can sell it for $4000.00, he’s one smart cookie

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