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New Robart Electric Giant Scale Retracts — 90-Degree Rotating Corsair Gear

New Robart Electric Giant Scale Retracts — 90-Degree Rotating Corsair Gear

The long anticipated electrically driven Robart retracts are here! Wow! I just got the gear last night and right out of the box, they work flawlessly!

The landing gear are controlled and setup with a control box that plugs into your radio’s retract (Channel 5) receiver port, and you have the option of using an auxilary battery pack to power the gear. Various jumpers make the required adjustments to make the gear operate in the way you want. They operate on 4.8 to 9V and the speed is determined by the voltage. The higher the volts the faster the cycle time is.


Also, the gear feature “Amp Out” which shuts down the retract cycle if the gear get jammed against something like the gear doors. Just flip the retract switch to clear the fault and the gear operate again in the opposite direction.
The gear work beautifuly and are very well built. Typical Robart Quality through and through. I can’t wait to get some wheels and axles attached and install the gear in the upcoming Top Flite giant scale F4U Corsair.

The gear locking mechanism is very scale in appearance as are the whole landing gear assembly.

Where the air cylinder would be is the new electric actuator.

What makes the electric actuators unique is the fixed jack screw that does not revolve to move the gear. the outer threaded housing around the screw spins and drives the screw in and out! so there is no wear between the screw and the clevis attaching it to the strut.

This steel stirrup riding in a teflon ball in the corner of the frame does the magic to rotate the gear 90 degrees when it retracts and extends.

Tailwheel details below


Watch for a detailed Review coming soon to MAN!

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:39 PM


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  1. Price?

  2. Good night! Where can I buy the gear for my electric giant scale P-40? I found it very interresante and would like to purchase the same. thank you

  3. Looking for landing retract gears (scale) for a King Air F90, 48 kg , 165″ RC Model under construction. Any idea were to find it? Or to design and fabricate it ? Thanks

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