New Rubber Toughened — ZAP Glue

New Rubber Toughened — ZAP Glue

ZAP Glue

There’s probably not one single RC modeler on the planet who hasn’t heard of ZAP Glue. Distributed through several outlets including Robart Mfg., and, Frank Tiano Enterprises (FTE) . The Zap Gang has an adhesive for just about every conceivable job where you want to stick two things together regardless of what they are made of. And just when you think, they have CA glue for every job, they come out with another specialized formula that’s going to be extremely popular.

ZAP-RT (Rubber Toughened) is Zap’s newest product and it comes with a patented, No-Drip Tip. Formulated for numerous hobby and craft applications in RC Airplanes, Cars and Boats, wood, plastic, composites, rubber, etc., ZAP-RT is extremely strong and flexible and is perhaps the very best RC Tire Glue on the market today (according to ZAP.) ZAP-RT is clear so it can be used just about anywhere without marring your model’s finish.

ZAP-RT is applied from a tube in “gel form” rather than a thin liquid, and its unique No-Drip Tip design draws the adhesive extra glue flow back after each application. This is just the stuff needed if you are gluing rubber tires to metal spoke-wheel rims for that WW1 aeroplane! Watch for a detailed Product Watch Review coming in soon Model Airplane News.


Updated: April 10, 2018 — 1:39 PM
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