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New Sound System for your Aircraft

New Sound System for your Aircraft

Recently I started preparing my ASM Lancaster for a big event we have coming up at the end of January in Arizona. The Arizona Electric Festival is a gathering of electric pilots from around the Southwest meeting at one place to show off their latest electric endeavor. This year I plan to take the Lancaster with two new upgrades. The first is this great new sound system from Model Sounds Inc.

The system includes a small but powerful soundboard and speaker. The soundboard has programmed into it the engines of the full-size Lancaster along with the startup and shutdown. When I throttle up for the first time, you hear the sound of the engines turning over. An additional sound includes gunfire and this can be set up on a separate switch. I tested this system on my workbench and I can tell you right now that it is extremely loud. We should have no problems hearing the engine over anything else at the flying field.  I can’t wait to update you on how this all turns out.

For more information on the different sound systems available, check out Models Sounds Inc. website at:

Updated: January 10, 2012 — 11:50 AM


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  1. I am very interested in hearing your update. I have been looking into incorporating something like this myself. Than you for the information and the link.

  2. anxious to obtain system for A-1 skyraider (63″ starmaax scale)…

    big radial sound would “top off” this war-bird

  3. I have been using their sound boards for a while now and must say that I am impressed and very happy with what it does.

    It is very easy to setup and use and their documentation and support is outstanding! The sound system is very flexible when it comes to adding new sounds or when specific settings are needed to work with your airframe.

  4. I too have this system in my Hanger 9 Fokker Dvii, mine uses 2 speakers for 40 watts of power. My fly buddys were blown away when I cranked her up. It is the missing link for our electric birds.

  5. John,
    Did you test their 5-15 volt LVAMP-1 board, an SFX6 board (no longer available) or did you get a proto type SFX7 (not yet available for purchase)?? Did you use it with 4 or 8 ohm speaker(s)? did you use just one speaker and get plenty of volume? What was your input voltage


    1. Mike,
      I believe this is their newest board, the SFX7.0 but I am out of the office this week. I will check on that when I can look at the product. According to Model Sounds inc., their SFX7.0 sound modules can deliver 106dB at 1m distance using two 4Inch 20Watt 4 Ohm speakers if the sound system is powered on a 6S LiPo. That is extremely loud – about the same as an actual Merlin airplane engine at the same distance.
      I am using one speaker because of space issues, but in the shop I can say that it is loud.

  6. I’ve been looking for years for a sound system which I could use with my Boeing Clipper and Hughes Spruce Goose . Can I get a contact with the maker pls?

    1. Hal, email us at

      Davi Harrison
      Model Sounds Inc.

  7. Willard
    Mannie and Lacy, how much volume can the sound system produce? I am looking for one that could be heard over the sound of a large gas engine (50cc & up).

  8. Willard, Our SFX6.4 and SFX7.0 sound modules can deliver 106dB at 1m distance using two 4Inch 20Watt 4 Ohm speakers if the sound system is powered on a 6S LiPo. That is extremely loud – about the same as an actual Merlin ariplane engine at the same distance.

  9. Is there a way to make the loudspeaker magnets made of ferrite, to save on weight ?

    Many thanks.

    1. That is above my knowledge, but I do not think that the weight saving would be all that great.

    2. Jose, our loudspeakers do use ferrite magnets.

      David harrison
      Model Sounds Inc.


    1. Not sure check out their website –

  11. Yes, we can supply some jet sounds – check out our airplane sound list at

    but if you don’t see what you want tell us what you want and we’ll go looking for it.

    The module John has is the SFX6.4,. Although we are no longer making that version, our newer SXF7.0 has the same output power and will sound the same. It has several diffrerences which you can see at :

  12. The magnets in all our speakers are made of ferrite, as are most speakers made today. You do not want to have a magnet that is too light as it is the magnet that is the primary heatsink to dissipate the power that is wasted as heat.

    So speakers made with neodymium magnets usually have smaller magnets and a lower power handling capacity, not a higher capacity, as many might think.

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