Nick Ziroli Plans Distributes PST Jets

Nick Ziroli Plans Distributes PST Jets

Nick Ziroli Plans Distributes PST Jets

Nick Ziroli Plans is now distributing two impressive all-composite ARF turbine powered jets from PST Jets.

The first jet, debuted at the 2007 Top Gun scale invitational, is the new 1/4.8-scale F-84 Thunderjet. This 1950s era jet has a span of 90.5 inches and is 82.7 inches long. Dry weight is 31 pounds and it is designed for 27 to 32 pound thrust turbine engines.

Kit ($2,195)

  • Composite airframe with formers and equipment trays installed
  • Vacuum-formed wing panels with fiberglass/balsa sandwich construction
  • Flap and Aileron hinge slots factory cut for accuracy and speedy construction
  • Servo bays and hatches factory cut into wings
  • Aluminum wing joiners installed
  • Stabilizer with support tube and anti-rotation pins installed
  • Pre-assembled fuel cell
  • Elevator and rudder servo mounts installed
  • Hardware package includes all hinging and control rods

Optional Scale Landing Gear($1,599)

  • Includes scale gear, retracts, struts and wheels
  • Brake system
  • All air-lines, valves, tanks, and accessories required

Recommended engine ($2,895)PST J1300R


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Plug-in circuit board with USB interface, temperature sensor input, two switched outputs (for fan and flashing light), plus associated USB lead, temperature sensor, two leads with connectors fitted. 5V-SIO as standard Interface.

Six models to choose from.

Price range from:289.00 to 574.00U$

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Updated: February 20, 2020 — 1:19 PM
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