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Nick Ziroli Jr. — Warbird Pilot!

Nick Ziroli Jr. — Warbird Pilot!

Everyone who knows giant scale RC recognizes the name Ziroli and the father and son team of Nick Sr., and Jr. Nick the elder is known for being the father of giant scale warbirds and Nick Jr. continues to be a driving force in the RC industry. Nick Jr. took over “Ziroli Giant Scale Plans” when his father retired and turned it into a very popular online web company serving the needs of modelers who have (or want to buy) Ziroli plans. Nick also has a large line of RC hardware and products including many molded fiberglass accessories for the warbirds built from Ziroli Plans. Also running his own full-size industrial vacuum-forming company, Nick has been able to enjoy piloting full-size aircraft and warbirds.

It is common to see Nick fly his full-size Stearman PT-17 Navy (N2S-3) and his company plane a Beech Baron twin. You never know where Nick is going to show up!

(Above) A shot out of the Miss Hap’s cockpit flying back to Long Island from Maine.

When it comes to serious warbirds, Nick has continued in the area of full-scale warbirds with the same passion that has made his company such a success. Associated with the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, NY, Nick regularly flies the museum’s B-25 Mitchell medium bomber “Miss Hap”. The museum takes the B-25 to airshows and it goes to NJ for scheduled maintenance. Since it requires a 2-man crew and Nick has a multi engine rating, things works out pretty good.

(Above) Business end of the Miss Hap B-25 Mitchell

(Above) Lots of horsepower available with two of these running!


(Above) Miss Hap at the 2010 Dolittle Raider Reunion fly in at the Grimes Field in Urbana, OH.

Nick also is checked out and qualified to fly the museum’s North American AT-6 Texans, as well as their enormous Grumman TBM Avenger, and the Douglas C-47 cargo plane affectionately nicknamed the Gooney Bird.

(Above) Nick as Pilot-in-Command of his first Stearman PT-17.


Nick flying his newest Stearman.

Nick says that the Grumman TBM Avenger flies like a truck!

Flying the AT-6 Texan is a lot of fun and keeps you on your toes during landings. He give rides during the museum’s open house and airshow events.

Nick’s newest ride is the impressive Curtiss P-40 Warhawk. It flies as great as it looks!

When it comes to knowing how to fly warbirds, both RC and full-size, Nick’s log book is an impressive read for sure!






Updated: January 9, 2019 — 3:40 PM
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  1. Nick, this is the year to get the B-25 or P-40 to Warbirds in Review up in Oshkosh! I tug and park the Warbirds during the show. I tug Larry Kelly’s B-25 & Ed Fagan’s P-40….Hope to see you there.

  2. Now THAT’S an impressive resume! And he’s a nice guy too. Way to go Nick.

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