NightFly Lights

NightFly Lights
















Directly power up to 14 LEDs. Current limiting resistors are built right in.

Using the NIGHTFLY™ 14 LED Controller, LEDs can be directly powered from the RX or an additional power source.

LEDs are split into five banks: 4 constant; 4 switched on/off depending on TX 2-pos switch position (Landing Lights); 2 fully-adjustable single strobes; 2 fully-adjustable single/double strobes; and 2 simulated rotating beacon lights (adjustable fast/slow).

The NIGHTFLY™ 14 LED Controller has two TX/RX signal inputs; one is for switching auxiliary (landing) lights on/off; the second is for switching power to the entire controller on/off. Each signal input should be plugged into an available RX channel tied to a 2-position switch on the TX. A Y-harness or RX Pass-Thru™ can be used on channels in use, but still provide the correct signals for switching (i.e. landing gear channel).

Link additional controllers using the extra set of PWR & AUX inputs.

Bundled with this complete system: #5324

#5324: Is a universal LED system that can be installed in any Radio Control Airplane or Heli with wingspans up to 48″ (or larger using wire extensions) with accessible RX.  Everything needed for a complete installation is included with every system. 4 white landing lights, 2 white single strobes, 2 white single/double strobes, 2 red rotating beacons, 2 red & 2 green constant navigation lights are all included.



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