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Novak Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Motors

Novak Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Motors

From Novak:

Novak is introducing a unique item to the multi-rotor market – smart motors with an ESC built into the motor endbell, making installation into quads, drones, and multi-rotors a breeze!

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Fewer Wires to Solder
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Precision Engineered
  • Novak Supported

In addition to the built-in ESC, each Novak Breeze Smart Motor includes high-strength magnets, and a balanced rotor for clean and smooth operation. Precision engineered, our motors are designed for maximum performance and reliability.

Three Series Available:

Breeze 22 – For 180-280mm multi-rotors – Great for FPV racing
Breeze 35 and Breeze 41- For 500mm or larger drones or custom/commercial projects

Novak Breeze 22 Smart Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors (3)










Breeze 22-Series

Novak’s Breeze 22-Series will be the first available in the series, and rivals other racing motors on the market for FPV and other 180-280mm size quads. Each Breeze 22 includes a built-in, 18A ESC that is rated for 2S to 4S, and pre-loaded with BL Heli firmware that works with all popular platforms. Great for FPV racing!

Three Models Available:

Each is available in CW (black prop nut) and CCW (silver prop nut) rotations. 4-pack cost-saving combos also available.

  • 2204 (#4020-21): 2,300Kv
  • 2206 (#4030-33): 2,000Kv and 2,400Kv
  • 2208 (#4040-41): 2,000Kv

Factory Supported with One-Year Warranty:

We take pride in our facility and our dedication to customer support. Each Breeze motor is covered under our one-year warranty program and supported by knowledgeable customer support staff and factory team.

Novak Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Motors (2)










Breeze 35-Series

The larger Breeze 35 Series Smart Motors are available in two models: 3508 and 3510 and are rated for 2S to 4S operation.

  • For 500mm or larger drones or custom projects
  • Built-in 30A ESC with BL Heli firmware
  • KV range: 400 to 770
  • 13-15″ recommended prop size

Novak Breeze Smart Multi-Rotor Motors (3)










Breeze 41-Series

Our largest drone motors available are the Breeze 41-Series, with stator sizes ranging from 4108 to 4114.

  • For 500mm or larger drones or custom projects
  • Built-in 40A ESC with BL Heli firmware
  • 2S to 6S (4S for higher Kv models)
  • 13-15″ recommended prop size
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