1. Well done…Altho he looks like a “minion” with only one “eye”…

  2. Very,Very,COOL.DP

  3. That is absolutely awesome. Well done!

  4. That’s badass!

  5. What size is the Heli?

  6. This is none other than Adrian Sippit’s wizardry, my hat’s off to him!

  7. Great! Some of the best advice I’ve heard from anyone.

  8. Totally badass!

    1. If I remember correctly some 15 or more years ago an Italian guy made a similar pilot flying a Zlin 50L

  9. thats pretty cool.

  10. Beautiful! I am thinking of doing something similar on a plane I’m building, connecting the pilot’s head to the rudder/steering servo, so the pilot is “looking” in the direction the plane is turning. One very minor point – military pilots wore Nomex gloves, not Mechanix gloves. It’s a small detail, but being retired military myself (although not a pilot) that popped right out at me. That’s not a criticism, just an observation as the work that went into this is too awesome to criticize.

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