O. S.® Engines RP6 & RP7 Turbo Glow Plugs

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Ideal for most .12 – .21 on-road racing Turbo head engines. 

O. S. RP6 and RP7 Turbo Glow Plugs are the newest high-performance glow plugs “Tough Enough to Take the Heat”™!  Drivers can choose the RP7 to counter hot-running Turbo head engines or the RP6, which performs well in all seasons within a wide temperature range.

OSMG2703     RP6 Turbo Glow Plug-Medium   Retail: $17.99  Street: $13.99

OSMG2704     RP7 Turbo Glow Plug-Cold        Retail: $19.99  Street: $14.99




For more information please visit:  www.osengines.com

Updated: April 15, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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