O.S. Engine 5825-520 Brushless 700-800 Heli Motor

O.S. Engine 5825-520 Brushless 700-800 Heli Motor

From O.S. Engine:

There’s no better choice than the 5825-520 Brushless 700-800 Heli Motor for extreme 3D flight. It’s the perfect match for pilots looking for pure power and precision to pull off advanced aerobatics. In addition to superior performance, this hand-wound, high-inductance motor features a samarium-cobalt magnet for the perfect balance of consumption and power output, along with a heat-reducing stator design. For best results, add 12S LiPo power!


  • Developed specifically for executing extreme heli aerobatics, including 3D.
  • Hand wound for higher inductance.
  • The samarium-cobalt magnet endures high temps better than neodymium.
  • A new stator design minimizes heat generation, to help maintain a good balance of power output and consumption.


Outside Diameter: 2.28 in (58 mm)
Body Length: 2.13 in (54 mm)
Shaft Length: 1.58 in (40 mm)
Rated Voltage: 44.4
Rated Current (Amps): 100
Maximum Current (Amps): 150 (5 seconds)
kV Rating: 520

OSMG9475 – $349.99


Updated: September 9, 2015 — 9:45 AM

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  1. Just out of question, what are the chances of the samarium-cobalt magnets breaking due to their brittleness? Is it a situation of “one hard landing” and a new motor needed? just asking for my own curiosity as I’m recently back into the hobby. Thank you.

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