Office hijinks with the iStrike Shuttle

Office hijinks with the iStrike Shuttle

Deadlines can take a toll on even the most dedicated editor, which is why taking short breaks throughout the day is important to managing stress. What better way to relieve work tension than by dropping ping-pong balls on my unsuspecting coworkers? This iOS-controlled flyer is just the ticket, with a 30-foot range and flight times of up to 8 minutes. The Model Airplane News offices definitely need at least one of these, don’t you think? I call dibs on the first one!

Updated: October 30, 2012 — 5:43 PM


  1. Wish I wasn’t retired so I’d have someone to bomb!!

    Oops, I was a senior Army Officer, probably wouldn’t go over real well!

    What Great Thinking and the Spin-Offs are limitless!

  2. Can a sales pitch be more lame?

  3. Really neat. I’m gonna get one to “mess” with my dog.

  4. Would have been nice to see it actually drop a ball. I mean, isn’t that what it is suposed to do? Just saying.

  5. What happened to the AMA rule about not flying over people? What happens if someone crashes into a person or it it fails and drops on someones head? IMO the device is stupid and undermines our ability to fly w/o having the FAA dictate ridiculous rules to stop crap like this! This is an accident waiting to happen!

  6. I think they DID drop the ball

  7. Gee whiz if you know anything about these toy rc items you would know that hovering and dropping something is truly an accident waiting to happen.

    I own an rc hobby shop and have first hand seen people get badly hurt from helicopters and the
    4 plastic blades spinning at high rpm. I hope they have good product liability insurance.

  8. Where can I get my own I strike shuttle?? much,etc….please help me get a new toy, thank you,Fred

    1. It should retail at $129.99, but you can get one for $100 if you add a pledge on KickStarter ( KickStarter says that your card is only charged if the project is successful. Interesting concept!

  9. For the people that can’t fly very good, just dont get it. Looks like this will be fun.

  10. Android App?

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