1. Okay you convinced me that is something!

  2. That’s some fancy flying! However, I think that a good chunk of the video towards the end is probably CGI of some sort. I really don’t think they did the pixel display with the umbrellas in real-time (at least not the full one with images and text) when it is much easier to add it in as a computer-generated effect…

    1. Disagree….just good choreography / timing. Very cool video. The song, however…..ehhhhhh

  3. As a RC pilot and a real aircraft pilot, people who ignore the limits set by regs should be put in jail. Flying through clouds and being above 400 foot put real aircraft and people’s lives in jeopardy!!! Never should am RC aircraft be flown above 400′ or out of sight! These small quads cannot be seen by pilots flying real aircraft. If people can’t be more responsible, I will be one to see the sport be restricted or shut down. I don’t want to die because some idiot wants to do “something neat”/

    1. I agree with Dave. As an IFR rated pilot, I too fly real aircraft through clouds legally. Assuming the part of this video that shows the quad going through clouds is real, AMA should not be promoting it. At the very least there should have been some kind of disclaimer. Very disappointed in the AMA.

      1. In Canada for example you can get a special air lisence on a case by case basis to do these types of flights. They require safety plans that likely include spotters with aircraft radios and closed airspace if warranted.
        But I think this is mostly fake effects. The clouds just allowed easy tansitopn between shots and are likely digital.

    2. Wow, did not know YOU have such powers to shut the sport down! Impressive “not”. Just for the record, I’m not sure this was done in the US, so the regs may be different in other countries. Also, they may have gotten permission to shoot the video. Just saying…….

      1. Why couldn’t they simply get permission? It’s not impossible, and I’m sure they were happy to oblige as opposed to your quick presumptions. This is a public spectacle, and one would think they would cover themselves. Especially if they had a decent pilot, who would probably know the rules.

  4. Nice flying. We now know where all the out of work dancers from the China Olympics went to. That stuff can be done live with LOTS of practice.

  5. Dave Bear,
    You are “assuming” that no one did the responsible thing and got FAA clearance for this. But then again we all know what “assuming” does …. It makes an *** out of U an me.
    Interesting how some people just want to decide that someone did an irresponsible thing without all of the facts.

  6. It’s asinine stunts like this, promoted by the AMA instead of being blasted as irresponsible, that are causing the FAA to take the rights of ALL RC pilots away from them instead of just punishing these jerks.

  7. This is very cool and creative. This was filmed much slower than played back. (Watch the people dance with the umbrellas in the street – it’s not natural timing – it’s fast motion.) This is how they made the shot at the end work. I’ll bet they had a cell-phone app per person telling them when to open and close their umbrellas.

  8. This is another prove that even a broomstick can be a masterpiece in the hands of professional!

  9. Fyi video was shot in Japan.

  10. http://petapixel.com/2014/10/27/ok-gos-new-music-video-will-blow-mind-fancy-drone-camerawork/

    Shot in Japan, so the FAA is not involved. Closed set too.

    The second half was shot at 1/2 speed so the choreography could keep up with the audio, hence the jerky look to some movements.

    Check the link for a shot of the UAV rig

    Single take, but… shot 50 times to get it totally right!

    I want one of those Honda gizmos!

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