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On this Day in Aviation History: September 28

On this Day in Aviation History: September 28

 2005       The Department of Defense approved the tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey program for full production.


1987       Three of the six crew of a USAF Rockwell B1B bomber are killed when their aircraft collides with a large Pelican.


1984       Canada certifies the first of two preproduction aircraft of the de Havilland Canada Dash 8, a new generation commuter 30 to 40 seat airliner.


1934       Deutche Lufthansa carries its 1,000,000th passenger.


1924       The first round the world aeroplane flight is completed. Douglas World Cruisers’ ‘Chicago’ and ‘New Orleans’ arrive back at Seattle. With an actual flying time of 371 hours 11 minutes, the flight required 57 stops.


1923       The United States wins first and second place in Schneider Trophy Contest with Curtiss CR3 biplanes.



1918       One of the most successful German fighter aces of the First World War, Lt. Franz Büchner of Jasta 18, is awarded the Pour le Mérite (the Blue Max.) He shot down 40 enemy aircraft.

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