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On this day in Aviation History — January 18

On this day in Aviation History — January 18

1977: The Trident (C-4) missile development flight test program commenced when C4X-1 was launched from a flight pad at Cape Canaveral, FL

Trident (C-4) Launch


1957: Three Boeing B-52 Strato Fortress Bombers make the world’s first round the world, non-stop flight by turbojet-powered aircraft. The flight is completed in 45 hours 19 minutes, with an average speed of 534mph.

Boeing B-52 Strato Fortress Bombers


1944: US Navy Consolidated Catalinas, equipped with Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) equipment, begin to patrol the Straits of Gibraltar. This action is intended to prevent German submarines from entering the Mediterranean.

US Navy Consolidated Catalinas


1911: Eugene B. Ely makes the first landing by an aircraft on a ship when he flies his Curtiss pusher biplane from Selfridge Field near San Francisco to a specially prepared wooden deck on the stern of the armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania.



1906: The Zeppelin LZ2 is destroyed in a gale the day after its first flight.

1906: The Zeppelin LZ2

(Above) Photo shows identical sister ship LZ-3

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