1. Some of these really hurt!

  2. When I subscribe to your magazine, then I have to pay to see the digital copy too? I think that’s wrong. Unsubscribe me from your email list.

    1. Hi Larry – when you subscribe to the print, you ALSO get the Digital Edition at no extra charge! If you’re having trouble logging in please contact customer service at modelairplanenews@emailcustomerservice.com!

  3. I feel your pain…

  4. These are just great. Your videos are so very good. I really enjoyed watching. I’m an old taildragger pilot from back in the ’60s. Been a model aircraft enthusiast most all my life. Flew the old control line models in the ’50s. Have recently gotten into the RC Quadcopter Drones and one Tricopter Drone. And a subscriber to MA News Electric Flight and Rotor magazines.

    Thank you for the entertainment. Really enjoyed it…………NCB

  5. This is hard to watch; I had to stop halfway through. I’ll try to muster the courage to finish later on. Great video, though. Keep up the good work. And to those whose exploits are shown here — better luck next time!

  6. A man’s gotta know his limitations…..:).

  7. Where were these landings takeoffs and crashes filmed? It was really entertaining watching them!!

  8. Who gave these idiots a turbine waiver? Who qualified these idiots to fly at an event? Obviously they should be on a buddy box…

  9. Great videos Debra. crashing looks easy.

  10. Guys get them of the grass your killing them they don’t have the right air flow PS do we land real plains on the grass no , only Bush plains

    1. Better let the guys who flew Spitfires, Hurricanes, FW190 and ME 109s in WWII know they can’t take off and land on grass fields…which is exactly what they did.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Really sad to see horrific crashes, but that is part of RC Flying these wonderful new aircraft.

  12. i am suprised that the tail did not break at 5:50

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