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Opale M3 Backpack

Opale M3 Backpack

From Esprit Tech:
Backpack M3 is designed to fly the Power 1.1, Camo 1.5 and the Hybrid 1.8 wings. It features an aluminum body designed to protect your flying equipment, pilot, harness, cameras or anything else that you choose to carry. The risers attach to a separate arm that bolts to the main frame for extra rigidity. The M3 features our unique anti-torque prop ring that is designed to eliminate propeller torque from the power system. Unique hold-down tabs are also incorporated into the backpack to secure your pilot and harness while in flight.
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Opale M3 Backpack Opale M3 Backpack Opale M3 Backpack

Updated: April 26, 2018 — 2:54 PM

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