X4 Pro Quadcopter With HD Camera RTF (Ready-To-Fly)

X4 Pro Quadcopter With HD Camera RTF (Ready-To-Fly)

Out of the box, the 370 mm (14.6”) diameter H109S X4 Pro quadcopter and its onboard 1080p HD camera are ready for exciting aerial filmmaking. The complete package — with quadcopter, 10-channel transceiver, camera, gimbal, batteries and charger — comes at a price that’s accessible to almost anyone. Yet the X4 Pro also has features not found in even the best-known competing systems, including an exceptionally reliable 5.8GHz video signal!

First Person View (FPV)

On its large, 17.8 cm (7”) FPV touchscreen, the X4 Pro’s transceiver displays what the onboard Reflec camera sees in real time. Pilots can frame scenes for filming by remotely controlling the camera gimbal. One-, two-, and three-axis gimbal options are available, each designed also to accept GoPro® cameras.

GPS Flight Control

GPS programming options enable the X4 Pro to virtually fly itself. It can hold steady at a chosen altitude and position, or execute complex flight patterns set with numerous separate Waypoints (coordinates can be saved and the identical path flown again any number of times). To focus filming on a specific area, the pilot needs only enter the desired coordinate using Focus Point. The X4 Pro then flies completely around that point at the preferred altitude.

Touchscreen Programming

The transceiver has a built-in Android™ device for programming X4 Pro functions through the touchscreen. Between flights, pilots can use its Wi-Fi® capability to browse the Web, download maps, check Facebook and read email. A separate OLED telemetry screen displays valuable flight data such as GPS coordinates, altitude, and battery power status.

With the H109S X4 Pro, hobbyists can experience high-tech quad flight and enjoy filming sports action, family trips, real estate and much more from thrilling new perspectives. Additional features include:

  • Generous Range — 500 meters (3/10 mile) for both flight and video signals.
  • Long Flight Time — 30 minutes per battery charge.
  • Return to Home — A single simple command can bring the ORA back to its pilot.
  • Actual Direction — This option prevents control reversal confusion during manual flight.
  • Failsafe Systems — To watch for dangers like low battery power and bring the X4 Pro home for safe landing automatically.

10-Channel Transceiver Specifications:

Dimensions: 315 x 172 x 44 mm (12.4 x 6.77 x 1.73 in)
Main Display Size: 177.8 mm (7 in) touchscreen
Main Display Resolution: 1280 x 800
Battery: 5400mAh 2S 1C LiPo
Data port: Micro USB
Neckstrap and detachable sunshield are available.

X4 Pro Quadcopter Specifications:

Diagonal Dimension: 370 mm (14.6 in)
Weight: 1060 g (2.3 lb) ready-to-fly, without accessories
Flight Battery: 7000mAh 3S 25C Dense Energy LiPo

HD Video/Still Photo Camera Specifications:

Size: 59 x 41 x 33.2 mm (2.32 x 1.61 x 1.31 in)
Weight: 45 g (1.59 oz)
Battery: 650 mAh 1S LiPo
Battery Life: 1 hour in recording mode with full charge
Video Definition: 1920 x 1080 P @ 30 fps
Photo Definition: 4032 x 3024 pixels
Video Compression Mode: H.264
Video Format: MP4
Photo Format: JPEG

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