Orion Advantage IQ-4X Charger

Orion Advantage IQ-4X Charger

The Advantage IQ-4X is a new high-tech battery management system for AA/AAA NIMH/NICD batteries and LiPo/LiFe micro batteries. This compact charger can charge, discharge, cycle, refresh and break-in your batteries. This helps you to keep them working optimally and allows you to evaluate their performance. The IQ-4X features four independent channels, which means that different functions and different types of cells can be used simultaneously; such as charging LiPo and NiMH cells at the same time. A large size LCD screen and bright LED, display data and provide function status monitoring. Extra charge settings (LiPo/Life charge end voltage, delta-peak, maximum charge temperature) are available, allowing the user to fine tune the charge characteristics. The charger is also equipped with a 5V/1A USB port to recharge mobile devices. The Team Orion design and a wide range of functionalities make this charger a unique product on the market.


  • 4 fully independent charge channels
  • Charge/discharge/cycle different types of batteries simultaneously
  • Charge, discharge, refresh, break-in, cycle mode
  • LCD screen displays charged/discharged capacity, internal resistance, average voltage, charge time, temperature (NIMH only), charge/discharge/cycle history
  • Compatible with NiMH/NiCd AAA/AA batteries and single cell 3.7/3.3V LiPo/LiFe batteries
  • Equipped with Mini-Z LiFe and Ultra Micro LiPo connectors
  • Adjustable Delta Peak Auto Cut-Off for NiMH/NiCd batteries
  • Adjustable charge end voltage
  • USB 5.0V/1A port for charging mobile devices
  • Adapter cables for JST, flat micro and square micro connectors available separately


Adjustable Charge Cut-Off: Y
Charge Channels: 4
Input Voltage: AC 110-240VAC 50/60Hz AC 110-240VAC 50/60Hz, DC 11-13V DC 11-13V
User Interface: LEDs/Buttons LEDs/Buttons
Charge Current: 2.5A
Charge Power: 6W
Discharge Current: 1.5A
Discharge Power: 1.5W
Charging Capability: AA NIMH/EZ AA NIMH/EZ, AAA NiMH/EZ AAA NiMH/EZ, LiPo/LiFe/NiMH 1cell (4pcs) LiPo/LiFe/NiMH 1cell (4pcs)
Delta Peak: Y
Adjustable Delta Peak: 4-30mV (default 5mV)
Charge Modes: Break-In, Charge, Cycle, Discharge, Refresh, Storage
Adjustable Max Charge Temperature: 55-70°C
Adjustable Trickle Current: 30mA
Charge and Discharge Data Storage: Y
Multi-Protection System: Y

Dimensions and Weight:

Length: 155mm
Width: 115mm
Height: 49mm
Weight: 347g

Advantage IQ-4X Charger (AU-Version) – ORI30255
Advantage IQ-4X Charger (JP-Version) – ORI30254
Advantage IQ-4X Charger (US-Version) – ORI30252
Advantage IQ-4X Charger (UK-Version) – ORI30251
Advantage IQ-4X Charger (EU/CH-Version) – ORI30250

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