Orion Racing Drone LiPos

Orion Racing Drone LiPos

Orion Racing Drone LiPos (1) Orion Racing Drone LiPos (2) Orion Racing Drone LiPos (3)

From Orion:

The new Racing Drone LiPo batteries are designed for high-performance drones. They use the latest LiPo technology and we have selected their format so that they perfectly fit racing drones allowing for the best weight/performance ratio possible. The batteries are fitted with our exclusive LED voltage control system so that you can easily check their charge status at any time. With a discharge rate of up to 75C and the use of a high-current XT60 connector these LiPo batteries can deal with the most demanding applications.

The LED Voltage Control System allows you to quickly and easily check the charge status of the LiPobattery. All you need to do is press on the button located on the circuit board and the LED will lit according to the battery voltage.


  • Specifically designed for racing drones
  • Ideal weight/performance ratio
  • Latest Lithium Polymer technology
  • High power LiPo cells
  • Up to 75C discharge Rate
  • Up to 5C charge Rate
  • Innovative LED Charge Status Control System
  • XT60 high current connector

ORI60237 – 2300 3S 11.1V
ORI60238 – 2300 4S 14.8V
ORI60239 – 1600 3S 11.1V
ORI60240 – 1600 4S 14.8V
ORI60241 – 1800 3S 11.1V
ORI60242 – 1800 4S 14.8V
ORI60243 – 1300 3S 11.1V
ORI60244 – 1300 4S 14.8V

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