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A new addition to their low-cost line of tilt-compensated OEM digital compasses for embedded applications that is ultra-small and highly accurate is being introduced by OceanServer Technology, Inc. of Fall River, MA.


The OS4000-T Nano Compass features 3-Axis magnetic sensors with 3-Axis accelerometers and provides nominal accuracy of 0.5 degrees, 0.1 degree resolution, ±180 degree roll, ±90 degree tilt and includes electronically gimbaled tilt compensation.  Offered in a 0.6” sq. through-hole package, weighing only 1 gm., this ultra-small device is designed for mounting on a system board and talking via a TTL interface for a wide range of applications.


Available with a carrier board, serial and USB drivers, evaluation software and schematics to assist with applications/integration, the OS4000-T Nano Compass includes an ASCII interface, hard- and soft-iron calibration, and user-configurable data formatting.  Providing up to a 40Hz data update rate, a 50 MIPS processor supporting IEEE floating point math, a 24 bit A/D con-verter and a programmable com rate from 4,800 to 115,000 baud are included.


OS4000-T Nano Compasses are priced at $249.00 ea. qty 1, $89.74 ea. qty 500; with larger quantity discounts offered.  Developer’s kits are $399.00.


Updated: October 30, 2008 — 10:00 AM

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  1. Do you have any OS4000-T modules on hand? Can we buy them?

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