Osprey attacks quadcopter!

Osprey attacks quadcopter!

When YouTube’s Womackke saw a giant bird’s nest at a local park, he decided to fly his quadcopter with GoPro video up to check it out. He notes, “To my surprise the bird flew at me. The bird was not hurt and I didnt do this again after seeing their response. This tree is so tall that from the ground you cant really tell if there is a bird in the nest or not. I still visit the park and the birds are doing great.” This video proves that just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it (but if you do and get a cool video, we’ll watch it!). In this case, we’re very thankful the birds weren’t injured. This serves as a good reminder to always keep your distance from wildlife–evenwhen filming with a UAV–for everyone’s safety and well-being.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 10:09 AM


  1. This is the type of flying that will bring laws and regulations to flying Quadcopters. It’s common sense to stay away from wildlife. You can be fined or arrested in some states for harassing wildlife like this. Don’t wreck it for the rest of us…

  2. Thanks for the video.yesterday i was fliying realy close to a nest of Osprey and almost attack my quadcopter to.I agree to stay away from wildlife or at least keep the distance.(Nice Video)

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