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P-51 Mustang Reno Racer

P-51 Mustang Reno Racer

I just finished reading an article in the  recent publication of Model Airplane News. The article related to the up coming film by George Lucas: The Red Tails. The article was authored by John Reid and I found it to be very informative and illuminating. There is a lot of misinformation regarding the Tuskegee Airmen and I felt John did a great job of providing factual information.

  Following his article, John Reid provided a step by step article detailing the conversion of a Aero Works Mustang  ARF to a red tail  Tuskegee Mustang.  This is a great article. Sure to help anyone with the desire to customise their aircraft. Great job John!

Although John did beat me to the punch on his red tail conversion I may be out in front on this Mustang.

Ben, a flying buddy of mine had an older version of  Hangar 9’s  Mustang  60 that he was done flying. Ben offered the plan to me for free with the provision that it be restored and not used for parts. The plane was in pretty good shape and had been well treated. Usual  bumps and bruises. I told Ben it would be a pleasure. I grabbed the plane and ran. A free Mustang are you kidding me, Heck yah!

I stripped all the covering off , sanded and cleaned the surfaces shortly after getting the plane home.  Now what. I l had no Idea what look I was going for. I have several other Mustangs with a sismilar finish. I wasn’t sure I needed another one with this covering scheme.

The project stalled for almost a year.

It came to me after watching some videos of the Reno Air Races on U-Tube. The paint schemes on these planes are awesome and I knew this was what I had been searching for. A truly unique look on a Mustang.

Of course I didn’t mention to Ben my intent to convert this plane to a Reno Racer. Why spoil the fun. I couldn’t wait to bring this plane to the flying field and show Ben his Fully restored Mustang. 

Many of you will notice the absence of a spinner and the exhaust pipes. These parts are on order and should arrive soon. Till then I’ll just keep flying this model without.


Along the way I made a few modifications the model. I did an e-conversion to start. Redesigned the landing gear doors, and included inner gear doors for scale effect. The inner doors mar operated using a separate servo. I added material around the gear door wells so the gear doors when closed would be flush with the wing surface.

I’ll be honest. It about drove me nuts trying to get a tight finish and get the doors to open smoothly. There’s always some play in the landing gear mechanisms that cause’s  heart ache if the tolerances are too tight.

This is my favorite Mustang to fly. I would recommend the ARF  to anyone with underwing experience.

Great handling in the air. Smooth and gentle to land.


I’ve included this stock  photo from Hangar 9’s web-site. 



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