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Pantera P6 Build Cont.

Pantera P6 Build Cont.

The build on the P6 starts as I wait for the servos and engine. This is a pic of the basic rotor head and swashplate, which come fully assembled. There are so many factory assembled parts that I would almost consider this to be an ARF vs.  a kit.  Note the one-piece flybar cage. The one piece side frame is molded with servo stand-offs as well as servo wire routing points to keep all the wiring well protected.

The fuel tank is both large for more fuel for longer flights, which will be very easy to see behind the canopy, and is isolated from the main frame with rubber stand-offs to eliminate fuel foaming. Also note the tie-wrap used to secure the landing gear to the main frame.  I use this as a break away when I have a mishap – spell that crash – to protect both the gear and the side frame.

The right front frame has a cutout for a fuel mixture servo.  I can’t think of another helicopter – other than the original Pantera – that has a fuel mixture servo mounting area. Also note the HexDeck used to protect the work surface, and it’s also magnetized to keep those small metal parts from rolling on the floor.

Stand by for more on this build in the coming days.

Updated: May 15, 2011 — 7:26 PM

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