Pantera P6 Final

Pantera P6 Final

Work on the P6 is complete, and I have made several test flights. The engine is a new TT53H Redhead, so I have been running it rich with a rather low rotor speed. Hovering is very smooth, as you can see in the photo. I really like the self-aligning fan block, and it’s ability to use engines up to and including a 91. However, the 53 will provide more than enough power for anything I care to do with the P6, but it would be a nice experiment to install a larger engine in the future. When I do, I’ll let you know the results.

I will be writing a full review on the Pantera P6 for the magazine, but it will take a few months for it to find its way into print. There is such a long lead time, but that is just normal for magazine. Till then let me know if you have any questions or comments on the P6. And if you decide to build one for yourself, I’m sure you will be as pleased with yours as I am with mine, and I look forward to any further comments you may have.

Updated: June 26, 2011 — 8:50 PM

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  1. The picture of the Pantera shows how really beautiful this helicopter is in the air! Can’t imagine how it will scream with a 61, let alone a 91. Thanks for the build info Paul.

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