ParkZone P-47D Thunderbolt

ParkZone P-47D Thunderbolt

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Bolt from the Blue

ParkZone® P-47D Thunderbolt


Affectionately dubbed “The Jug”, Republic’s P-47D Thunderbolt was a swift, multi-role fighter that was as much of a menace to ground targets as it was to enemy aircraft. Its rugged airframe, armored cockpit and eight .50-caliber machine guns allowed its pilots to fly into the teeth of heavy fire, devastate a ground target and still make it home despite significant damage.


ParkZone has brought The Jug to life with this great-flying scale recreation that comes out of the box with details like a simulated radial engine, molded panel lines and a realistic 404th Fighter Group paint scheme. It’s even set up to let you easily add the option of functional flaps and retractable landing gear. And you can bet it flies every bit as good as it looks. The 15-size brushless motor that is installed for you provides more than enough power for high-speed strafing runs and sport aerobatics.


The P-47D Thunderbolt is available in a Bind-N-Fly® version you can have flying in the time it takes you to charge the included battery pack and bind its receiver to your full-range DSM2™ aircraft transmitter. A Plug-N-Play® version without transmitter, receiver, battery or charger is also available. If you want to add the optional flaps and retractable landing gear, a transmitter with at least 6 channels will be required.*


Get to right now for complete details on this exciting new warbird and to find a retailer near you.


*2 servos (PKZ1087) and retracts (EFLG100) sold separately.



Wingspan: 49.6 in (1260mm)

Length: 33.5 in (850mm)

Weight: 41.9 oz (1190 g)

Motor: 480-size 960Kv BL Outrunner (installed)

ESC: E-flite® 30A Pro Switch-Mode BEC (installed)

Transmitter: 4+ Channel (6+ Channel with addition of flaps and retracts)

Receiver: Spektrum™ AR600 6-Channel DSM2 (installed on BNF only)

Battery: 3S 11.1V 1800mAh Li-Po (included with BNF only)


Item #:

PKZ5380        P-47D Thunderbolt BNF                    $249.99

PKZ5375        P-47D Thunderbolt PNP                    $184.99



Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:49 AM

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  1. bonjour voila j ai acheter un avion p 47D thunderbolt je voudrai savoir exactement se qu il manque afin de le faire vole car pas de batterie pas de telecommande merci de me renseigner l avion et neuf dans sont carton merci

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