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ParkZone SE5a Scout BNF — Sneak Peek!

ParkZone SE5a Scout BNF — Sneak Peek!

We just got the new Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a  in the office for review! This is a handsome, WW1 Bristish Scout / fighter is a relatively large molded foam ARF and it goes together in almost no time! It has a slew of formed plastic parts and it really is well put together. It is sure to be rugged and a great flyer!  


This WW1 classic “Hun Hunter” features Z-Foam construction and comes with lots of details including a top wing mounted machine gun (smaller one in front of the cockpit also) , exhaust stacks, pilot and cockpit details. The struts are molded plastic and screw into place and they have removable clips to take the top wing off!



Being a Bind-n-Fly (BNF) its 480 brushless motor, speed control, servos and receivers are all installed and you can be on the flightline in a matter of minutes. A 3S 1800mAh LiPo pack and DC variable-rate charger are also included All you  need is a 4-channel DSM-compatible transmitter to bind the receiver to and you’re good to go! We’ll be test flying this beauty soon and it will be featured in an upcoming issue, so what for it!

Long live the Dawn Patrol!


 Also available as a Plug-n-Play

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:53 PM

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