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Paul’s Monster Mitchell

Paul’s Monster Mitchell

When it comes to monster scale warbirds, one of our big favorites is this amazing B-25 Mitchell bomber built by Paul LeTourneau of Oconto, WI. For several years, Paul has been wowing crowds at several warbird events including the “Annual Warbirds & Classics over the Midwest” at Fond du lac, WI and the Warbirds over Delaware event in Newark, DE. Paul’s B-25 is 100% scratch built.  He started his project by enlarging a set of Nick Ziroli plans from the original 101-inch span, to over 160-inches for his impressive 1/5-scale version.

With a 13.5-foot span, the B-25 is now in the colors of the Panchito scheme and it features an amazing looking natural aluminum finish complete with panel lines and rivet details. Paul used traditional plywood and balsa construction and finished the monster Mitchell with fiberglass and resin. After several coats of primer, and sanding the model to a flawless finish, he covered the airframe with aluminum duct tape material replicating each and every panel as on the full-size Panchito.

The B-25 had a different paint scheme, but Paul wasn’t satisfied with it, so he completely stripped the old scheme and came up with what we see now.

Powered by a pair of Desert Aircraft DA100cc gas engines the bomber is guided with a  JR 12X radio   and has custom-made retracts and scale wheels and tires. The B-25 has working brakes, flaps and functional bomb bay doors and bomb drop function. It carries four 2-liter bottle sized bombs.

This shot give an idea how big Paul’s B-25 (and B-26) are as they are shown with Paul and Dave Malcione Jr., at last year’s Warbiirds over Delaware event.

Watch for the complete article highlighting Paul’s Monster Mitchell in an upcoming issue of MAN.

Photos by Scott & Roger McClurg.

Updated: August 18, 2020 — 12:23 PM


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  1. beautiful aircraft both congrats on being a great builder

  2. beautiful aircraft both congrats on being a great builder no ive NEVER written in this page befoes

  3. It sounds fantastic. Looks great in the air. Paul, you did a fine job building and flying your aircraft. Thanks for the vid.

    1. That is an amazing plane! Can’t wait to see it fly at the next show in Delaware. Congratulations on a great job.

  4. Beautiful airplane. Congratulations for the great and very fine construction work. Hope you enjoy this plane many many years.
    Best regards, from Colombia, South America

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