Pawn Stars, RC-style!

Pawn Stars, RC-style!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Pawn Stars, RC-style!The History Channel’s most popular show, “Pawn Stars,” launches an RC airplane episode! In this show, Corey hits the airfield with seller Ross and tries to cut a deal (or two) for the shop. Seems Corey might be more of a drone fan, but he could have been trying to bargain for a better deal. You be the judge. But if you like the show, you’ll love this video!

Updated: December 29, 2021 — 1:42 PM


  1. Gonna go the way of the dinosaur??? Not a chance!!!

    1. That’s what I was thinking. NO WAY!!

    2. you damn right! planes are way more fun than drones. dont know why he said that

  2. What planet is he on? Obviously knows nothing about giant scale RC – I would not have let those go for $2,800 – Oh well.

  3. You see many more planes at the flying fields than drones. Don’t believe everything that you see on TV to be true. These shows are “staged” and are not authentic!

  4. No way I would sell for that price. I wouldn’t have even given that goober stick time on the Decathalon!

  5. There’s no way that Corey was flying that plane. That was definitely staged. I’ve been instructing for years and the one thing all first timers have in common is that they overcontrol the airplane, big time. Those maneuvers were way too smooth. And no buddy box? No one would do a transmitter hand-off with first timer on those models.

    The whole segment made no sense from a transactional perspective. There’s nothing unique about those models that one would want to travel from NV to VA to see them and then ship them back. Seems they were just looking for a different storyline for the show.

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