PBM Martin Mariner down under!

PBM Martin Mariner down under!

At MAN we LOVE float flying! This gorgeous PBM Martin Mariner was a club project completed by the Western Australia Electric Flyers.This beauty spans 101 inches and is powered by a pair of 4S electric motors. They say this will get the full scale treatment once the flight testing is complete. They have a series of build videos and more flight video on their channel as well. Well done!!

Updated: October 19, 2023 — 1:51 PM


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  1. Nice !

  2. Very cool! I wonder if plans are available?

    1. This is custom built, but most of the main fuse shape came from Keith Sparks plans and we built the wing following his methods, but with custom airfoils and wing outlines. I could probably dump some output from Fusion 360 into PDF for you if you really are interested, but to call them ‘plans’ would be a massive stretch I’m afraid.

      I’m Mk9 on RCGroups so you could PM me there and we can talk further, but essentially, if you want plans for this particular model, the simple answer is no. But Kieth’s original plans that were our starting point are still here:

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