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Events – Photos

Big Jolt 2010

Big Jolt was held at the Prado Air Park in Chino, CA on Friday, September 10th through Sunday, September 12th 2010. This event was open to all electric Aircraft, including EDF Jets.

SEFF 2011

If a flying event can grow to become a living, breathing, pulsating, life form with its own mannerisms and language – SEFF is it! What Joe Nall has become to giant scalers, SEFF has become to electric flyers around the country.

2011 XFC

The Ninth Annual XFC, Extreme Flight Championship 3D invitational is under way and this is one event that is sure to excite any person involved in flying. The XFC brings together some of the best talent from around the world into one location for a Freestyle event unlike any other. This three day competition is all about the pilots having the freedom to express themselves in both a creative and original way. All of the flights are choreographed to music and the pilots have the ability to structure the routine any way they so choose. Here are just some of the images taken over the three day event.

Joe Nall 2011

Warbirds over Delaware 2011

2011 Warbirds over Delaware Giant Scale Fly In, Lums Pond State Park, Newark, DE. The 20th annual event hosted by the Delaware RC Club.

Top Gun 2011

2011 Top Gun took place at Paradise Field in Lakeland, Florida on April 27th through May 1st. This event is one of the largest model airplane competitions in the world. And this year Dave Wigley took home the title Mr. Top Gun for the second year in a row.

Nurnberg International Toy Fair 2011

The International Toy Fair is the world’s leading fair for toys, hobby and leisure-time articles. The fair, which is open exclusively to the specialist trade, was held in Nurnberg Germany on February 3-8, 2011. The presentation of new products and comprehensive overview of the industry which it provides are an indispensable source of information for annual market orientation.

XFC 2010

WRAM Show 2010

WRAM Show 2011

Top Gun 2010

Toledo 2010

SEFF 2010

Rhinebeck 2009

Florida Jets 2010

Monster Planes 2009

Monster Planes

Joe Nall 2010

IRCHA 2010

IRCHA 2009

Florida Jets 2012

RCX 2012

RCX Long Beach was one for the record books! With record-setting attendance, perfect weather, incredible indoor flying, a scale static competition and exhibitors with the latest planes, helicopters and gear, this year\'s show was a resounding success. Check out these photos for an upclose view of the action!

Top Gun 2012

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