Pilot Projects: 1914 Ingram Foster [July 2012]

Pilot Projects: 1914 Ingram Foster [July 2012]

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Pilot Projects: 1914 Ingram Foster [July 2012]

1914 Ingram Foster: Doug enlarged Pat Tritle’s plans to build this 1914 Ingram Foster pusher biplane.  The model has fabric-covered surfaces, pull-pull cables on all controls, is powered by a Saito .65 four stroke.  The 7.5-pound bipe looks like a great flyer!

Doug Bromley – Tulsa, OK

For more Pilot Projects and on how to send your projects in, check out page 20 of April’s issue of Model Airplane News.

Updated: June 1, 2012 — 1:18 PM


  1. I am interested to know more about covering ; assembling & rigging the bips wings of this model . just short in few words .

    Thank you.

    Frederik from Albania, Europe.

  2. I want to scratch build a Airco D.H.2. would like to have about a 80″w/span. due to the tubeuler frame work in a “V’ shape I will not be able to install a “GLOW” engine. So a big elect. motor will have to do the pushing. I can frame all the body parts. My problem is the two matching wings. Where can I get a plan for this type of wing design from the 1914 eara. Has to be thin, strong and square at both ends. I can always get the plans super-sized . Any help will be appreciated.

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