1/3-scale D-VIIF

1/3-scale D-VIIF

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 1/3-scale D-VIIF


Lane Crabtree on his Balsa USA model:

I depicted Hermann Goring’s all white 1918 Fokker D-VIIF “5125” using White Oratex and a few spots that required painting with Behr Bright White Latex House paint. Markings were sprayed on using Callie Graphics paint masks. Entire model given clear coat with Polycrylic Satin. Engine is a DLE-85 running a Xoar 26 x 10 Sword prop. Pilot is Aces of Iron hand-painted at home. Radio is Spektrum DX-18 Tx with latest 8-channel Rx. Six Hitec D645 digital servos. Leisure RC Models 2500mAh A1-2-3 LiFe batteries. 118 inches span. 90 inches length. Eight months on the build. Saved time and weight by not priming and painting the entire model! Finished weight was 36.75 pounds with 6.5 pounds nose weight. Balanced at 30 percent wing chord. With gas, 44.75 pounds ready to fly. Not bad for a 1/3 scale bipe! Varied from the kit by using round aircraft grade aluminum tubing wing spars vs the square tubing from BUSA. Also increased the incidence on the horizontal tail by several degrees (positive) to keep the nose down with speed increases. Other than those changes, built per the plans and instruction manual. Entire build thread is on RC Scale Builder (rcscalebuilder.com) website.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 1/3-scale D-VIIF

Photo by me.

On Sunday Oct 31, 2021, Test Pilot Barry Ponder flew the maiden flight for me since I haven’t fully gotten used to being a “dumb thumber” on my right hand after losing the forward half of my index finger. We followed the maiden with one more successful flight, for the day.

Club member Randy Mayhew did a video of the maiden flight. Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 1/3-scale D-VIIF

This is a BIG plane! Takes up the entire 8-foot pickup bed! Wings go in the cab. Greater South West RC Field in East Fort Worth.

This is how she rolls! She stands 37 inches from ground to top of wing! Heavy cargo net holds her in place. Was able to do 60-65 mph on the highways. Made some cardboard flaps to hold the tail surfaces in check from the wind. On the first road trip, she arrived undamaged at the RC field and safe on return to home base.

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