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Planes Worth Modeling — Acro Sport II Biplane

Planes Worth Modeling — Acro Sport II Biplane

The Acro Sport II biplane was designed by EAA founder Paul Poberezny following the success of his single-place Acro Sport I. Paul designed the 2-place biplane as a trainer for would be aerobatic pilots who wanted to build time toward qualifying to fly the 1-place Acro Sport. The original Acro Sport was designed to serve as an aviation building project for students in high school shop classes, some of whom, Paul hoped, would be convinced by the experience to pursue an aviation career.

The prototype first flew on January 11, 1972, just 352 days after Paul began designing the aircraft. Both biplanes are built using welded steel tubes and feature wooden wing ribs and spars. Both are finished with fabric covering and paint. The prototype is powered by an 180hp, 0-360, 4-cylinder Lycoming engine and is part of the EAA Museum’s aircraft collection. The Acro Sport’s long nose and tail moments, constant wing chord and simple cabane and interplane strut design make it a good subject for a scale or sport-scale model. If you’re tired of the Pitts or Christen Eagle, try the Acro Sport II.


To download a PDF 3-view Drawing, Click Here: Acro Sport II

The Acro Sport II has been licensed by the FAA in the Experimental aircraft category. Plans for the Acro Sport, as well as other Poberezny-designed aircraft, are available as plans and complete parts kits, from Wicks Aircraft and Aircraft Spruce and Supply.

General characteristics

Crew:                    1

Capacity:            2

Wingspan:          21 ft 8 in

Height:                6 ft 7.75 in

Length:                18 ft 10.25 in

Wing area:          152 sq ft

Empty weight:   875 lb

Gross weight:    1,520 lb

Powerplant:       1 × Lycoming prop, 180 hp



Max speed:        152 mph

Cruise speed:    123 mph

Stall speed:         53 mph

Range:                  430 mi

Service ceiling: 20,000 ft

Rate of climb:    1,200 ft/min.

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