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Every once in a while a product comes out that may not be exactly made for RC, but it’s something we can use to enhance our enjoyment of it. The Pocket Radar is just such an item. This little unit looks nothing like what you would think a radar gun should look like, but it works just like the larger, more expensive ones. It’s about the size of an iPhone and has two control buttons. When the red button is pushed, the radar unit sends out a short pulse of radio waves and displays the speed of the object for about 30 seconds. Each press of the smaller recall button will display the last measurements from the unit’s memory; it will store a maximum of 10.

To use the Pocket Radar, you hold it up vertically like a camera phone, with the red button facing you. Press and release the red button and the Pocket Radar will display the speed of the object you are tracking. The display is large and bright, so it’s easy to see the number even on the brightest day. I have a sport radar gun that I tried to use on planes, but it wouldn’t pick them up unless the pilot flew the plane straight at me, which is way too scary. The Pocket Radar picks up even the smallest plane at a good safe distance from the tracker, so monitoring an aircraft’s speed is much safer. Now I can check all of my planes as they fly by with ease. This is a product you will want in your flight box! It costs $200. -John Reid


Updated: September 12, 2011 — 10:22 AM
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