Precision Aerobatics Bandit- EXCLUSIVE REVIEW!

Precision Aerobatics Bandit- EXCLUSIVE REVIEW!

By Aaron Ham
Let me start out first by saying this: If the designers at Precision Aerobatics decide to produce a full-scale Bandit, I would like to offer up my services as factory demo pilot. What a gorgeous-looking airplane it is! In my opinion, it is a cross between the MX Aircraft MXS-R and a Zivko Edge540. Its sleek lines, racer canopy and powerful motor system give it performance that full-scale pilots would drool over—myself included. Although this airplane is not intended for the average beginner, it can be flown by anyone who has mastered the basics of RC flying and has a good feel for aerobatics. In the hands of a skilled and experienced pilot, this airplane is capable of extreme unlimited freestyle aerobatics and all-out, high-speed racing just like those new TV stars performing in the Red Bull Air Races.


Unique features

Precision Aerobatics is offering its new Bandit with power and superior performance that far exceeds any full-scale airplane. Constructed using PA’s CF FiberFusion Technology, the airplane utilizes embedded carbon fiber (CF) within each of the fuselage stringers and uses CF cross bracing to increase strength without any kind of a weight penalty. Also included in the kit are numerous carbon-fiber parts which include the landing gear, the wing tube, control arms and pushrods. Also included are German-made Ball-links, and CNC-machined clevises, a CNC-machined battery tray and a carbon-fiber leading edge. A carbon-fiber-reinforced fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, and a generous assortment of quality hardware round things out. Optional upgrades include CF servo arms, a CF spinner with aluminum backplate and a set of CF wheel pants. If you can’t tell, Precision Aerobatics is all about quality, strength and performance.

 Read the full exclusive review in the January issue of Model Airplane News!

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:46 PM


  1. Love These PA Planes. I Fly 4 Regularly Includeing the Bandit with 4S 2200mah NanoTech and PA Power System. Only Way to Go. Beef Up Motor Mounts with Hysol Expoxy. My Extra 260 Has Same Thrust 40 and IPA Power System as Bandit But have Use 1600mah 4S NanoTech to Fit into Battery Tray. It’s Significantly Lighter than My Bandit and with 12 X 6 Vox Prop like Bandit Uses it flies about 98% as well as My Bandit in all manuvers. Bandit Has Edge especially in Knife Edge Flight. BUT ONLY About 2%. Of Over 50 Airplanes many 30% DL 50 Gas Engine Powered These 2 Hands Down Are My Personal Favorite to Fly. I read 4 different magazines Every Month and love Reviews of 3D Capable Planes. These Precision Aerobatics ARF’s are Best Electric Planes I’ve seen anywhere on Market today. I’ve talked Steve several Times and His Company and Service get 5 Star Highest Rating in My Book. I’m fully Retired Army Aviation and Aviation R & D. I love this Hobby and Love All Precision Aerobatics Products I’ve Bought and Never have been disappointed by Their Quality or Performance like I Have from Many Other ARF Manufacturers

  2. Hopefully they have their customer service taken care of in the states. This is a first hand observation. Biplane ordered. One excuse after another. Finally gets shipped with no power system. Lots of bad feelings at the Toledo show and finally they figure out he should get one they have for the show. An hour later they figured out it would be a good idea to supply him with the motor and speed control. Throw in that one servo was bad as well. Nobody would answer the phone prior to this. Just not something I am willing to risk with 500 bucks in an airplane. Please tell me this has been fixed. I love their aircraft

  3. I love all my PA planes the addiction x was my first and I have just finished my Bandit and Can’t wait to get it inthe air. Note becarfull not to tighten the c clip on motor shaft down into wood on motor mount.

    1. Important note, I’m assembling the Bandit these days and already found this issue. Had to drill bigger hole into the wall 🙂 Btw, I was very happy to get this plane even it is already 7 years old model. I just love it 😀

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