RC Aerobatics: Cross-Box Maneuvers

RC Aerobatics: Cross-Box Maneuvers

Those who “don’t know what they don’t know” usually claim (by default) to be content with their flying. The reality is that flying is a lot more fun when you do it well and continue to improve, and nothing instills the satisfaction of a job well done like being able to string together several aerobatic maneuvers.

cross-boxThe turnaround maneuvers that will enable you to astutely reposition your airplane toward the front or back of the aerobatic airspace, or “box” are part of cross-box positioning. Outside of competition, the “aerobatic box” is the reasonable airspace (with good visibility) that a pilot performs his maneuvers within. Proficient pilots take advantage of all the airspace in the aerobatic box by performing maneuvers parallel to both the X and Y axis. By maneuvering toward the front or rear of the aerobatic box on the Y axis, you can enjoy greater flexibility and far more aerobatic options.

One of the handiest maneuvers you can learn is the cross-box humpty bump turnaround. By adding 1/4 rolls to the up and downlines of a humpty bump, you’ll be able to reposition the airplane closer or farther away on the Y axis. The most common application of this version of the humpty is to reposition the airplane farther upwind.

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