Pro-Line Attack Canopy for T-rex 450

Pro-Line Attack Canopy for T-rex 450

Pro-Line launches an “attack” on the heli market with its new design…the Attack heli canopy for the TRex 450.

The Attack is all about scale detail to make your heli look as real as any full-scale military heli out there. Inspired by the deadly Apache design, it has all the details scaled down to give you that mean attack look. As with the full-scale versions, we recommend painting the canopy on the outside to give it a non-glossy look and to have the character of its full-scale big brother.

Molded from a single sheet of lexan, you don’t have to worry about any seems coming apart or the added headache of putting two pieces together. The new canopy comes complete with window templates and a decals sheet to finish it off.

When you’re looking to “Attack” your fellow heli flyers, or if you want to own a piece of American Military history but don’t have the money to buy the full size one, then check out Pro-Line’s Attack canopy for the TRex 450.


y to paint from the outside for that realistic flat look

ontrol horns simplify construction and keep your ARF’s weight down, but they’re subjected to a lot of stress during violent 3D maneuvers. If you ever worry that the pushrod might be ripped out of the hole in the lite-ply horn, here’s what you can do. After selecting the correct hole in your control-horn, CA hinge material to both sides of the horn to strengthen the area around the hole. If the wood ever splits, chances are the CA hinge material will hold.

Bob Moulder
Ossining, NY

Updated: August 5, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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