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Profile P-38

Profile P-38
The P-38 “Lightning” is known for fast speed and dual engines! The folks at 2dogrc have found the perfect RC Version of this popular plane. Assembly is very easy with laser-cut parts that click together! The construction of the plane only requires hot glue! Assembly can be completed in 2 short nights after work! The wingspan measures 45″ with a fuselage length of 29″. Depending on your setup, flying weight is 15-21 oz. The control surfaces are the elevator and aileron, but modifying for rudder control is easy and will provide for a great 3D P-38! Our test pilot set this plane up with differential thrust and rudder and showed off torque rolls, inverted flight, hovering and knife edge loops INDOORS! Installation of the electronics is easy, 2 motors, 2 esc’s and 2 or 3 servos and you are done! This plane can be flown with either 2 motors on 1 7.4V pack or 2 motors with their own 3s pack. For more information and videos, check out www.2dogrc.com

Updated: May 15, 2008 — 10:00 AM

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