Question of the Week — What type of plane do you fly the most

Question of the Week — What type of plane do you fly the most

Model Airplane News is always looking to improve our content to meet our reader’s interests. Whether you are a beginner or an old pro, once you earn your wings, there are certain types of planes that really push the RC flying button. Tell us what turns you on. What type of plane do you like the most? And please tell us why.

  1. Warbirds
  2. Aerobatic
  3. Classic Civilian
  4. Biplanes (multi-wing)
  5. Sport Flyers
  6. Jets (EDF or Turbine)
  7. Helicopters (Quad-copters)
  8. Other (and tell us what it is!)
Updated: August 3, 2015 — 11:10 AM


  1. I started the Hoosier Dawn Patrol 10 years ago, so my focus has been on WW1 wrabirds. Which also bleeds into Biplanes. I also have a love for the golden era of racers. AND I still keep an aerobatic bird on hand to keep the thumbs in shape.

  2. I enjoy all RC flying. I fly mostly sport models altho I have three very nice scale civilian high wing models. I have two 40-60 bi-planes which I enjoy. Also I have an p-51 arf I fly occasionally. I also have two arf electrics and a Quad.

  3. WWI biplanes mainly giant scale (1/4 1/3 scale)

  4. I like civil and military semi-scale airplanes and helicopters and try to fly them like the real things. This is relaxing and much fun for me. When it is windy, i prefer helis because changes of the wind direction doesn`t matter. If you can fly helis, they`re more easy for me to handle in such conditions.

  5. My favorite model to fly it’s my 4m FPV whit HDcam 3 axis stabilization and 24X Zoom.
    Then I can see the world from diffrent angle.

  6. Warbirds, everything else is jut a target

  7. Jets (EDF ) and scale. Just love the way they look cutting up the sky.

  8. Where was this picture taken?

  9. Classic Civilian. relaxing.

  10. I have two of everything but rely on my Sport Fly’ers most of the time.

  11. I like scratch build planes the best. Cheap to build, fun to modify, easy to fix, don’t mind crashing. It’s also an opportunity to get into learning about how planes fly, understanding aerodynamics, and more. Foamcore, hot glue, packing tape, and I’m in the air.

    I’m new to RC flying, and I have three models going – two flown, one ready for this weekend. And I’m getting ready to build my first glider – plane #4, material cost under $5.

  12. I enjoy all aspects of RC Flying. One of the most innovative items I would like to see more articles on are Quad and Multi rotor copters.

  13. I like the sport and scale biplanes, sport scale civilian, and anything off the water. I have two Cubs I fly off wheels and water and working on getting the quarter scale Cub ready to go.

  14. EDF/sport model/3D&Aerobatic

    the sport model is for when i dont want to wait for my EDF’s battery and when I crashed my 3D 😉

  15. Whether I go to the local flying field or to an out of town event, my favorite plane to pull out of the trailer is my Sig Rascal 110 with a G26EI gasser on it. Got a few 100″ warbirds and a few 100cc 3D style planes, but love the old school, high wing, classic looking aerobatics that the Rascal can perform.

  16. Big scale aerobatic glider! I love the Swift S1, 1:2,2, 6 Meters wingspan, 20 kilo from the Bruckmann Manufactur. Prefered two of them in Formation like i practice it with my son Tim as Red Bull-Team Schaerer. Join us on FB. Andi Schaerer

  17. Sport Planes but want to transition into Scale and Pattern.

  18. ihave been flying aerobatics since the 1950s.can not aford the modern f3a planes,so i stick with kwckflys and the likes ,i am 70 now

  19. I’m a beginner flyer and I enjoy all RC flying even if I can not partake in them all. At this point in my RC flying I lean toward #3 Classic Civilian and #1 Warbirds. Maybe some day I will have the skill to fly some of the other types.

  20. Turbine jets P-90RXi, gas giant aerobatic 100+cc, Electric 40-60″ aerobatic 40-70 sized motors, Nitro scale civilian OS twin. Electric 450 helis

  21. I have been flying for a few years now and what has rocked my rc world are the helicopters (specially big 550 and up size) and aerobatic gliders. Helis have the magic of an untaim beast that is always challenging you to be a better and more complex pilot…. Gliders in the other hand are challenging you to really understand how do planes fly and the conservation of energy is quite a pasion for me now, also tha peace and the views that you have in the fields where gliders are normally flown you will never have them in other flying fields.. The complex manuvers that can be achived in both type are models are insane…

  22. Electic now almost exclusively. ranging from 25″ – 60″ aerobatic sport style to fun-fly style to old- timely pattern inspired ships (retracts and all).

    Of the choices listed above I fly Areobatic (precision), Sport Flyers, Float planes (water take off and land), Biplanes, and Warbirds, in that order. EDFs turn me on and are on the horizon for future projects.

  23. Love all types of rc flying but probably in the end prefer aerobatic the most as it’s just challenging to perform a routine even if you don’t compete ( I don’t). Just gives you something to work on instead of just flying randomly through the sky.

  24. Aerobatic – Light wing loading, big control throws and lots of expo. Inverted, Knife Edge – Rolling, Spinning, Post Stall Harriers

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