Question of the Week — What do you think is/was the best recent RC breakthrough?

Question of the Week — What do you think is/was the best recent RC breakthrough?

Let us Know! We’d like to hear from you our readers and online followers. Tell us what you think is/was the best ever recent RC breakthrough? What in our Hobby today gets you all fired up and excited??! RC helicopters and multi-rotors, 2.4GHz radio systems and micro receivers? How about Gyros and 3 Axis Stabilization systems? FPV, Flight Simulators, Radial engines and Turbine jet power? Let us know what you think?


Updated: May 16, 2014 — 4:40 PM

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  1. The most recent break throughs in Telemetry has my attention now.
    When I bought a Skectrum DX 8 it came with the TM1000 module and a couple of sensors for engine temperature, voltage on the rx.
    I have since added airspeed, brushless RPM and flight pack voltage that replaced the reciever voltage. Some of the other sensors I would like to try are altimeter, gps and variometer but I have run out of open plugs on the TM1000. Looking for a way to expand that now. I see Futaba and Hitec are also adding Telemetry to their radios now. A fun aspect of our aircraft as we detail scale ships but have only had things like a radar gun to tell us how fast the ground speed was. Having airspeed is so much more useful with early stall warning alarms just like the full size ships is worth the price now to find that screen to set up my other alarms It has a low voltage alarm now.
    Talking radios, return home buttons and FPV are also some of the more interesting innovations I am excited about getting my hands on next!

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