Question of the Week: What’s your Favorite MAN Construction Article / Plans Built Plane?

Question of the Week: What’s your Favorite MAN Construction Article / Plans Built Plane?

There are many out there that say “ARFs” have killed the hobby of building RC planes, but our sales of construction plans indicate that there are many of you out there that still know what balsa wood, MonoKote and glue smells like! Someone is definitely spending quality time in their workshops so let’s take a survey!


Whether you built the plane yourself, just read about one in an issue of MAN or know someone who’s built and flown one, we’d like to know, What’s your Favorite MAN Construction Article/Plans Built Plane? And, if you didn’t already know, all of MAN’s airplane planes are available at: Just hit the plans button!



From Racer, Pattern ships, Sport flyers and Scale warbirds, there are hundreds upon hundreds of construction plans available. Giant scale to micro RC electrics and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. Come on, let us know which one is your favorite!



Updated: March 4, 2015 — 11:53 AM


  1. the ziroli e-turbinator. Easy build and looks great.

  2. Without a doubt… Les McDonald’s Stiletto! Followed by another original Dan Santich Hots.

    1. I am quite flattered because it was a long time ago and there are so many others to choose from. Thanks for the honor Doug!

  3. Well, back in the early 70s and the plan and the article was in a March issue of MAN. Well, while stationed in England for the USAF I built one. The plane…. was…. the Tiger TAIL pattern plane. You no longer offer this plan because I tried to get a new plan, what a shame!

  4. The Pat Tritle SE5a like the one in the photo above. I’m 90% done with it and will be ready when the snow melts.

  5. Back in the 50’s and early 60’s I bought a number of MAN plans. One was called ‘The Quickie Mail Plane.’ It was rubber powered, and flew extremely well. I flew it outside and in my high school gymnasium.

    Another was a free flight model, named Buttons. With an .020 engine and a medicine dropper of fuel, it would climb for a minute or so and glide back down for a three-minute flight. A friend of mine filled the tuel tank without my knowledge. It climbed nearly out of sight overhead and drifted nearly two miles across the plains before it landed.

    I scaled up the Buttons plan and put an electric motor in it for R/C. It is still one of my favorite MAN plans.

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