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Raptor 50 Titan SE



Thunder Tiger introduces the latest Raptor 50 Titan SE. A major upgrade off the original Raptor 50 Titan, the Titan SE features critical metal parts to handle all the power delivered by the RL-53H. Another key feature is that collective pitch has been increased to a range of +/-15 degree. This major modification provides unbeatable pitch response. The helicopter reacts just as quickly as you want.




Full Length of Fuselage:.03″ (1220mm) 

Full Width of Fuselage: 5.51″ (140mm) 

Total Height:  15.74″ (400mm) 

Main Rotor Dia.:  54.53″ (1345mm) standard 

Tail Rotor Dia.:  9.29″ (236mm) 

Gear Ratio: 8.5:1:4.56 

Fully Equipped Weight: 7.5 lbs (3400g) 


Content Item No. 4854-K

Raptor 50 Titan SE 4854-K10: body only

4854-K11: w/ RL53H, RL Hi-flow 3D muffler, ZERO α Governor & FRP canopy

4854-K12: w/ RL53H, RL Hi-flow 3D muffler, ZERO α Governor, Carbon Blades & FRP canopy




  • New design for main rotor hub and mixing lever delivers +/-150collective pitch
  • Positive delta angle delivers sharp response
  • Nonlinear flapping damper for aggressive 3D flying
  • New clutch support for increased durability
  • New design for metal aileron lever
  • New design for tail support bracket
  • Metal Guide Pulley
  • Metal pulley
  • Carbon 3D vertical fin
  • FRP canopy available in 3 different color schemes
Updated: August 31, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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