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Raptor 90 G4 All metal adjustable control arms

Raptor 90 G4 All metal adjustable control arms

I’ve never seen a helicopter kit come with its own servo control arms, but the Raptor 90 G4 does just that. Normally we install the servos of our choice and attach either stock control arms, or some after-market reinforced arms. Unfortunately both types of arms use splines to attach to the servo output shaft, which means we can never position the arm just as we would like. We can get close, and then need to make fine adjustments to the centering of the servo from within the transmitter. All that has changed with the Raptor 90 G4.

As you can see in the photo, the all metal servo arm comes in two pieces. The center portion is splined and mounts to the servo output shaft in the normal manner. However, there is also an outer portion that has the ball links attached, and that it then mounted to the center section. This outer portion of the arm rotates on the center section, and is therefore fully adjustable to set it just as needed.  A set screw is used to hold this position while a locking screw is used to secure the outer and inner portions of the servo arm. This certainly makes servo setup a lot easier than what we have had to deal with in the past. Now why didn’t I think of something like this??????

Updated: June 1, 2015 — 11:05 AM

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