Raptor 90 G4 Head

Raptor 90 G4 Head

This Raptor 90 G4 has a lot of unique design features, with one being the all metal flybarless rotor head which is a nice combination of both beauty and a great design. You can just see the quality of construction in the photo, but what is not quite so obvious is its unique design. All flybarless rotor heads require two design features. The first is a way to decrease the swashplate input to the rotor head or control will be way too sensitive. The second design feature is how to incorporate a follower into the head design so the inner portion of the swashplate will stay in phase with the rest of the head. And. as you can see in the photo, the Raptor has incorporated both design requirements into one mixing lever. This effectively reduces control input to the blade grips by about half while also keeping the inner swashplate in phase with the head. What a great combination of beauty and design.

Updated: June 1, 2015 — 11:04 AM

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  1. ciao sono michele di brescia sto assemblando un raptor 90 convertito elettrico ho bisogno di una testa flybarless per il mio modello da inserire in fusoliera uh1 mi
    sai dire dove posso acquistarla grazie

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