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RC Accents Servo Setup

RC Accents Servo Setup

We have a great article coming out on 14 tools you need in your shop and I have to say that i agree completely with this write up on the RC Accents Servo Setup.  Using a Servo Setup device really saves you some time and speeds up assembly. I also use the Hitec Servo Programmer (not for programing) to set-up any brand servos during model assembly. Be sure to check this one out, great price, and great product.

Here is one item that once you use it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner. The “Servo Setup” really saves time in setting up your airplane. It has three buttons and six independent channels for servos to plug into. Plug in a 4.8V battery and you can control the servos with the buttons. The channel select button is used to select which servo you want to control, and an LED indicates the servo channel being controlled. Ideal for setting up servo linkages and control throws, the Servo Setup can also be used to calibrate speed controls and smoke pumps. It costs $29.95. rcaccents.com RC Accents Servo Setup

Updated: July 28, 2011 — 6:16 PM

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