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RC Combat On the Cheap–Video

RC Combat On the Cheap–Video

At my club’s recent Father’s Day Fun Fly on June 18, 2011, we had a very successful and fun RC Combat event. Out club president Damon Rosenthal built several flying wing things from blue fan-fold insulation foam and inexpensive motors and electronics. (Motor’s cost $8) The event was a lot of fun and it added to the fun fly day in a big smile way. If your club has a desire to bring its members together, this is a great way to add to the fun factor of any event.

Fun on the Flightline

This one is a little more high tech with its tapered wings.

This RC Combat “temporary” model is about $80 ready to rumble!

Paper streamers (cut in length) are the target, but if you hit a plane, no biggie! It adds to the fun!

Construction could not be simplier. Foam sheet, old servos and a power system from an old broken plane and you’re good to go.

These inexpensive $8 motors are a great power source for disposible RC Combat planes.

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  1. Would like to do the same store our club how can I squire planes for the plane.

  2. Would like to do the same at my clube, how can I aquire planes for the plane.

    Thank you

    Ernesto Valera
    310 987 1765

  3. I’d like plans too if they are available.


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