1. Where did you get the skydivers and parachutes?

  2. As someone who jumps out of perfectly beautiful airplanes for fun, I was impressed although it must be said that freefall was quite unstable stick a camera on the jumper let’s get some freefall footage

  3. Does anyone has a link for buying the RC Skydivers? They are really cool.

  4. That is very cool stuff

  5. Why not a model of a real skydivers plane instead of a J-3 phony? –Grey Beard Flyer–

  6. The amount of work and coordination to do this is just amazing superb job thanks for the video. I really appreciate the work that went into putting together the planes the jumpers and coordinating the whole effort. I’ve been in model airplanes since I was 10 years old now on to bigger ones large drones computers electronics 3-D printing micro controllers great job everyone.

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