1. A great video on a most relevant subject. Too many think they know their aircraft and leave it at that. The next thing to think about is the “What Ifs” and “what would I do” before flying. Have a plan in mind for any eventualities during the flight i.e. Engine failure after takeoff, in cruise or landing. Then control issues: What should I do if…. A scenario thought out saves precious seconds in the event of some un planned event. Know where spectators might be watching, vehicle movements etc and a good look around the site, especially if it is not your usual site.
    “A superior pilot uses his superior judgement to avoid the situations that may require his superior skills”

  2. Absolutely great presentation Dag! Most people don’t know anything about internal resistance. I actually received 5 brand new packs a few years ago that were useless right out of the box because the internal resistance was through the roof. AND THESE WERE WELL KNOWN name brand packs. So never take anything for granted.

    Thanks again. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks!!!
      DAG 🙂

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