RC Raptors Take Flight!

RC Raptors Take Flight!

Although these RC ornithopters are intended to scare away nuisance birds, we just want to know how we can get our hands on one! Designed by Dutchman Nico Nijenhuis of Clear Flight Solutions, the 47-inch-span Robird peregrine falcon and 86-inch-span eagle look and fly just like the real thing and can fly at speeds of up to 50mph!  The manufacturer even intends to make them autonomous, but where’s the fun in that? Until then, we want to enter the eagle in our next giant-scale fly-in (with scale documentation from Audubon!)  Enjoy this great video of the Robirds in action.


Updated: July 27, 2015 — 4:54 PM


  1. fantastic idea

  2. wow i havent seen that for a while saw a Video but Low Res on youtube but i nver seen it Sore like that

  3. As soon as you find out where to get one, let the rest of us know!!

  4. If I were starting out in engineering right now, I’d be very interested in ornithopters. The potential for these militarily and in all kinds of applications bogles the mind, and there are virtually no regulations impeding their development…..

  5. Hey, I subscrived to Model Airplane News for two years 4 months ago thru Tower Hobbies and was promised acess to the internet version and Im still waiting for the code to acess it…

  6. Awesome! I’ve got.to get one of these birds! I’ve liked orinthropters even since my Dad brought one home from work.one evening and if I find them at airshows.I always buy a few. Will.look.up their site pronto.to find out about getting my own “robo bird”!

  7. I really, REALLY want to build one of these! Hope there will be technical details to come.
    Great job on capturing our imaginations with new electric hardware.

  8. Sir,
    Please post when the plans or kits when become available.
    Thank you,
    R.K. (Bobby) Tom

  9. Incredibly realistic

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